TheCodes of Ethics are important consideration in the practice of internal auditing to actualize an ethical working environment. Recognizing this, members of internal audit should comply with the moral principles formalized by The Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia. Below are the principles that need to be adopted and practiced by all members of Office of Internal Audit.


An internal auditor:

i. Shall have an obligation to exercise sincerity, diligence and responsible in the performance of their duties and responsibilities

ii. Shall abide by the laws and only to reveal what was required in terms of legislation and professional practice.

iii. Shall refrain in any illegal activities by the laws or associate in action which would violate Internal Audit professions and standards of University

iv. Shall respect and contribute to the legitimate and ethical objectives of University


An internal auditor:

i. Shall refrain from entering into any activity or relationship which, may compromise his professional assessment in performance of his duties. This include any activities or relationship that may be in conflict with the interest of University

ii. Shall not accept any fee or gift which, may compromise his professional judgement

iii. Shall reveal such material facts known to them, which, if not revealed could distort the Audit report of the results


An internal auditor:

i. Shall be prudent in the use of information acquired in the course of their duties

ii. Shall not use any confidential information neither for any personal gain nor in a manner, which would violate the laws and objectives of University


An internal auditor:

i. Shall express their knowledge and professional skills in the performance of their duties

ii. Shall abide to the Standards of Internal Audit in carrying their duties

iii. Shall continually strive for improvement in the proficiency and effectiveness of their services

"Quality Audit Improves Accountability and Integrity"


i. Internal Audit is independent functions that examine, review, analyze, investigate, assess on effectiveness, efficiency and economic activities and provide certainty objectively to add value and improve the operations of the University. Internal Audit helps the University achieve its objectives through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate the effectiveness of control over the process of good governance ;

ii. Internal Audit role is to provide professional consultation and advice to the University towards perfection, reliability and effectiveness of the internal control system to ensure appropriate rules and procedures are adequate ;

iii. Internal audit role as the secretariat for the Audit Committee and as the authorized committees under circulars and regulations

iv. Internal Audit also carries out investigations as directed by the Chief Executive in respect of complaints / special investigations.

v. Internal Audit role, duties and responsibilities are clarified in the Circular No 3 of the 1998 issued by the Prime Minister of Malaysia dated July 21, 1998 - Guidelines on the Role and Responsibilities of the Ministry , the Board of Directors and Chief Executive of the Management of Federal Statutory Bodies

"Quality Audit Improves Accountability And Integrity"